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Robert E. Connors, Resume

E-Health Designs, LLC provides health information technology (HIT) consulting services to Federal and State Governments, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Hospitals, Physician Practices, Regional Health Information Offices (RHIOs) and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs).  E-Health Designs, LLC specializes in helping health organizations evaluate and insert emerging and enabling health information technologies and standards that have the potential to improve Health Access, Availability, Acceptability, Continuity, Cost-Effectiveness, and Quality (3A2CQ).  These technologies and standards, many of which are open source, support novel ways to acquire and access health data, analyze it, make it mobile, and share it with other systems in a manner which promotes semantic interoperability. Typical emerging and enabling technologies include electronic health records, personal health records, and consumer health portal that provide personal health records, secure messaging between clinicians and patients, and the ability to make appointments and obtain refills.  E-Health Designs also specializes in implementing chronic disease and population health management solutions.

Other novel technologies include speech recognition (voice-to-text) and natural language processing (speech-to-text) to promote clinical language understanding; digital pens; novel ways to visualize and display context-sensitive data; and advanced cohort builders and clinical intelligence tools that support quality assurance and comparative health effectiveness studies. These technologies can improve clinical decision support, biosurveillance, pharmacovigilance, and population health.  Many new technologies support semantic health information exchange, such as patient matching algorithms and enterprise master patient indexing, patient record locator services, and data element access services.  Use of commercial clouds for health data also pose challenging privacy and security concerns.

Per GartnerResearch, some technologies are “emerging”; others are at the “peak of their hype”. Some have entered the “trough of disillusionment’, and others are “coming out of the trough, and entering the slope of enlightenment.” Eventually technologies achieve a “plateau of productivity” and perform. E-Health Designs, LLC can help you determine where your organization should be on the technology adoption curve.

E-Health Designs, LLC works with other leading companies in health IT to implement principles set forth in the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology report on realizing the full value of health information technology.

Robert E. Connors, FACHE, PMP, is Sole Owner and Principal of E-Health Designs, LLC.  and may be contacted at roberteconnors@mac.com



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